The Police Athletic League of Wilmington gives our youth a safe haven to go after school and channels their energies in positive directions to promote self-esteem, good life choices, and healthy lifestyles.  Our center has a full time police officer and dedicated staff who work to enhance the positive moral development of our young people through a large variety of sports, education, and recreational programs.  All of PALW’s programs are completely free of charge.

As a registered non-profit 501(c) (3), PALW relies on the generosity of extraordinary citizens and corporations to provide the resources to keep our youth active, productive and safe.  These contributions mean that the kids in our community continue to have a safe place to go after school for homework help and supervised play and recreation.  Together, we are helping keep the children on a positive path in life and the support we receive means a lot to us, as well as to the children and families we serve.

We invite you to continue to learn about our organization by browsing our website, volunteer at our center or call 302-764-6170 to see how you can personally contribute to the success of all of our children.

Our Sponsors

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First Choice Auto and Truck Repair
Rock Manor

Information listed here is believed to be current at the time of publication. However, some of the material presented here may have expired since it was posted. Persons should contact a PALW representative whenever relying on dated material or information that is subject to change such as names and phone numbers.